Fee Schedule

Meeting a Financial Advisor


Independent Second Opinion

Includes Portfolio analysis as well as creation of an investment policy.

 Flat Fee $350.00

Some people have noticed that they have a number of different mutual funds in their portfolio and have lost focus of what they were trying to accomplish.

 One Time Consultation

I would be happy to review your personal circumstances and provide an exact quote at no cost or obligation to you.

 Starting at $250.00

You may feel as though your financial advisor may be too predictable in their recommendations since they only get paid when you buy something.

 Ongoing Service Relationship

Our unique approach enables us to use the investment solutions best suited to you and your plan because we do not earn money as a result of a transaction.

 Flat Fee for Portfolio Management $1,200.00 annually

We use special types of investments that do not pay a commission to anyone and because these investments strip away advisor compensation they have lower management expenses leaving more of your money in your account to continue to compound.