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Feeling stressed about money?
You're not alone!

According to a Leger survey commissioned by the FPSC

23% feel pressure to keep up with someone else’s status
48% are losing sleep over financial worries
41% rank money as their greatest stress
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Be confident that your plan is on track and you are in control. Take Control


Be secure in knowing your affairs are in order. Feel Secure


Know what options are available to move your plan forward. Be Clear

Retirement Assesment

Retirement Assessments are intended to track your progress toward the retirement you have envisioned. Rest Easy

Financial Planning

Covers every aspect of your personal finances from cash management to Estate preparation. Save More

Portfolio Reviews

Is your portfolio designed according to your risk tolerance and return expectations? Learn More

About Gregor McDonald, CFP, CEA

Greg has been in the financial services industry since 1992 and a Certified Financial Planner® professional since 1998. Greg is a partner in RGE and Associates Inc. which is a business consulting firm providing bookkeeping, management consulting and personal financial services to both business and individuals.

Greg gets motivation from working with people who recognize the need to take responsibility for their family’s finances and take control of their finances through financial planning. He firmly believes that people are happier and more satisfied with their financial position when they have a plan.

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